Virginia: Offers Wonderful Skiing Experience

Prospect of Nice Ski Vacations:Virginia holds a place in the southern region of the USA. The state is recognized in the nickname of the ‘Old Dominion’. It is interesting that this state is the birthplace of 8 of the U.S. presidents which has helped it earning the name ‘Mother of Presidents’. It holds a diverse climactic condition which has nicely matched with the variations of its flora and fauna.This geographical and ecological condition has been shaped by the existence of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. This state is a great place for taking a ski vacation; especially for people lived in the East Coast or Eastern Area of the USA. This might sound a little unattractive if compared to the skiing experience found in New Mexico, Colorado, or Utah, but Virginia can offer a less expensive and less time-consuming ski vacation within the enclosure of some beautiful ski resorts.

Notable Ski Resorts: Though the mountains of Virginia are not as tall as other famous skiing spots, it has many beautiful and well-organized ski resorts to compensate that shortage. It has plenty of wonderful ski resorts which offer year-long unlimited fun activities. Most of the resorts are opened for all the four seasons. So, no matter which part of the year do people intend to visit this place, they will have the option of skiing open before them. To name one of the notable ski resorts of Virginia, the name of Wintergreen Ski Resort will come to the mind firsthand. Being situated in the background of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is the most varied and one of the largest ski resorts of the state. With 26 slopes and trails, its most attractive offer is the chance to ski at night for which 14 of the slopes have been lighted. This resort has two terrain and two tubing parks, which offers snowboarding and snow tubing alongside skiing. With eight ski lifts and fourteen trails, Massanutten Ski Resort is another great attraction of Virginia. All of its trails are arranged for night skiing which is a great tourist attraction. It has the state’s first snow tubing park which is another tourist interest. It also provides ice skating opportunity that can hold approximately 132 skaters at a time. Being the state’s first ski resort, The Homestead Ski Area draws a large number of tourists. It is a must visit to the adventurous skiers as the resort provides added challenge and thrill by putting up a terrain park. Novice skiers can take a visit to the Bryce Ski Resort.

Offers Quick and less Expensive Ski Vacation: Apart from these above-mentioned resorts, Virginia is dotted with many other ski resorts. The environments of these resorts give the visitors the cozy feeling they can only dream off in a tour. Most of the resorts are designed for both the beginners and the advanced skiers. This gives a nice chance to people to spend their vacation with their kids and family. The mixture of challenging and simple terrains in these resorts is suitable for everyone – adult or kid, novice or expert. After a day full with fun and exciting skiing happenings, the experience of warming-up while relaxing by the fire in the Mountain Lodge make the tourists feel like heaven. For a quick and less expensive ski vacation, there is no other better option than Virginia.

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