A Simple Guide to Planning a Fun Family Ski Holiday

Organising a family ski holiday can be tricky as it can be tough to find something suitable for all age ranges. Here are some great tips to make this process fuss-free and simple.

Convenience Can Be Crucial

When you have the whole family in tow (especially little ones), as parents it can be tough to find some time for you to hit the slopes yourself. Choosing a catered chalet as a base for your holiday can really help in these circumstances, as most will have great childcare facilities for you to take advantage of. This will help everyone in the family have a well-rounded experience and return home fully contented.

What is the Right Age?

Generally, it is not recommended to allow children under the age of five to ski. This is not only due to safety; it can also be difficult to keep them entertained and not upset by the cold. However, some snow based activities have been developed specifically for kids as young as three, so make sure you investigate this possibility with your catered chalet.

Equipment Need Not Be Expensive

Buying brand new ski gear for the entire family is not always a practical option; especially as kids will quickly outgrow everything by the time you want them to use it again! Instead, consider hiring equipment from a reputable ski rental shop. Aside from the usual skis and boots, you will need to ensure that your child has a helmet. Many high street, outlet and discount stores regularly stock thermal clothing and ski wear for both adults and children. So there’s no need to shop at expensive specialist stores.


Even though it’s tempting to just focus on the fun and positives of going on holiday, it’s crucial to never leave home without your insurance. Accidents do happen on the slopes and treatment can be very expensive.

If planning a stay in a catered chalet in Europe, also make sure that each member of the family has a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). These are free and entitle you to NHS treatment within the European Union but you need allow plenty of time for the application process.

Have A Contingency Plan

In the vast open spaces and with the fast paced fun atmosphere it can be easy to lose sight of one another and for children to get lost, especially if there is a big crowd. Therefore it’s always a good idea to talk to the whole family about what to do if this happens. Try to appoint an easily recognisable designated area where they can wait for you to meet up – it might be the coffee shop or particular ski lift.

You might consider customising their hat or jacket (unless it’s a rental) with bright fabric paints, so that you can more easily spot each other – this could be a fun family activity at home before you leave for your holiday. Also, instruct your children on who else they can go to if they need help – such as a mountain patrol or a ski instructor. You could also attach a small whistle to a younger child’s jacket, which they can blow to alert in an emergency. Also it might be a good idea to write down the address of your catered chalet for children to have in their pocket in case of a separation.

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