Fun Activities To Consider During Your Stay at Vacation Rentals in Hilton Head South Carolina

Hilton Head is a beautiful resort town in Beaufort County, South Carolina that has more than 12 miles of beautiful coastline lined with beachfront property. It received its name from a sea captain from the 17th century, William Hilton. The island is the most popular among all of the region’s resort towns. In fact, with a population of 160,000, it has more people than the combined population of Myrtle Beach, Seabrook Island, and Surfside Beach.

If you are looking for a fabulous place to have fun during your next summer vacation, consider going to Hilton Head. You can find many wonderful rentals from Find Rentals Inc. They partner with many vacation rental agencies to provide the best temporary rentals to vacation travelers. has many exclusive listings which you can search for based on the features you desire.

When you use Find Rentals, you will not have any problems finding a lovely retreat for your vacation. That is the easy part. The more challenging task is deciding what to do on this lovely island. There is an abundance of activities for vacationers of all ages and interests. There might not seem to be enough time to do everything, but if you plan your itinerary, you can fit in your favorite activities and turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

Types of Activities at Hilton Head, SC

The information below is divided into different categories of activities that include recommendations of where to go to enjoy them. These are the some of the favorites among Hilton Head visitors. You can use this guide to plan out your activities during your stay. It will help you fit in your favorites that you would not want to miss.

1) Guided Tours

One of the best ways to explore the island is by going on a guided tour. Tour companies know the island like the back of their hands, and they can take you to the famous places that no visitor should miss. You can be sure to see all of the top sites like Daufuskie Island and Stoney-Baynard Plantation.

Each tour company designs its own tour. Therefore, find out what the tour includes. Many tour companies specialize in certain themes or locations. For instance, there are tours that  offer water excursions. These tours will take you to the ideal locations on water where you will get a chance to see amazing sea life like dolphins, turtles, even whales. Some tours focus on visiting historical landmarks of the island. These are wonderful if you are a history buff and want to learn more about the early days of Hilton Head. If your interests are varied, book several types of tours.

2) Beach Parks

Hilton Head is an island with some of the best beaches in the country, so no doubt you will want to spend time on them. The island has beach parks that are surrounded by gorgeous scenery of the waterfront. These are good places to just hang out, have a picnic, and relax.

The most popular beach park here is Coligny Beach Park. It is renowned for its breathtaking views of the sunset against the landscape. Tourists from around the country make a special trip just to see this. During the day, you can relax at one of the many gazebos where you can settle in and enjoy some privacy in the shade while you relax on the beach. There are lots of restaurants, shops and attractions nearby so you can take a stroll and explore the amenities at your leisure.

If you prefer a less crowded venue, go to Driessen Beach Park. It is just as lovely as Coligny, but the area is bigger so it feels less crowded even when there are many tourists around. There are gazebos, benches, and restrooms to make your stay comfortable. This is very nice if you just like to sit out on the beach with a view of the gorgeous ocean and a favorite book in hand. You can just feel your stress melt away.

3) Hilton Head Golf Courses

If you are into the world of golf, no doubt you have heard about the world-class golf courses at Hilton Head. These courses were designed by golf legends including Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. The courses are open year-round, and both professional and amateur golfers like to play here because these are such beautiful courses.

The course designers incorporate the exquisite natural beauty of Hilton Head into the layouts. At each hole, you can enjoy views of pristine beaches, towering oaks, and iconic lighthouses. So, even if you did not intend to make this into a golf vacation, bring your clubs anyway. You will be glad that you have a chance to play at some of the most famous golf courses featured in golf magazines.

4) Activities For Excitement

If you have spent some time relaxing on the beach or playing a leisurely game of golf on some of the most beautiful courses in the country, you might want to try some activities on Hilton Head that will get your adrenaline going. Many of these are not far from the vacation properties that are listed on Find Rentals.

What about ziplining or an aerial obstacle course? These activities will take you over tops of trees. If you like water activities, try kayaking on one of the island’s rivers. You can paddle to other parts of the island that are not by the beach. These adventure activities are sure to get your heart pumping with excitement.

Hilton Head Island Has Everything You Need

Whether you like to sit back and enjoy the sunset against the magnificent horizon or zip over treetops in an aerial obstacle course, Hilton Head Island has a wide range of activities that suit vacationers with all types of interests. There is something for everyone, whether you want a weekend getaway or a long vacation to unwind and recharge. Visit historical sites, play a round of golf, kayak down a river, or just enjoy the beach. You will create wonderful memories on Hilton Head Island. Reserve your vacation retreat at, and start planning for your next adventure.

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