Relax on Brixham’s Beaches

If you happen to be planning a holiday to the English Rivera’s charming town of Brixham, be sure to check into one of the Brixham holiday cottages. Brixham has a number of good beaches to visit, adding up to around 20 in total as well as some nice coves to explore. If you’d like to spend a lazy day at the beach, you can opt for one of the quieter beaches of Brixham. Or, if you and your family would like to have a fun day at the beach, then there are quite a few of these too. The best part is that most of the holiday cottages are all situated near these beaches. A lot of visitors at the Brixham holiday cottages make it a point to visit the beach everyday. If you’d like to check into a holiday cottage that is near the waterfront, you can do so too.

Elberry Cove and Broadsands

Hop onto one of the forms of public transport from your Brixham cottages to reach this beach. In fact, buss number 118 goes to these very beaches. While Elberry Cove offers normal facilities with parking space that is half a kilometre away from the beach, Broadsands beach has better facilities. Elberry Cove is a shingle beach. A lot of people come here to participate in water skiing and other water sports. You can also explore Lord Churtson’s Bathhouse, which lies in ruins today. Broadsands beach is a sloping beach. A lot of families with children visit this beach, as it happens to be very safe for swimming. Besides, one can take a nice and long walk along the extremely long coastline. Be sure to visit these beaches if you happen to be staying at the cottages.

Shoalstone Beach

Hop on to bus number 17 from your Brixham holiday cottages to reach Shoalstone Beach. There is a number of bus access points located near the holiday cottages. Shoalstone Beach has a good number of crystal clear pools, perfect for those who like to swim al fresco. Since this beach is not pet-friendly, you can leave your pet at the Brixham holiday cottages. Facilities like clean restrooms and refreshments at cafes are widely available at this beach. Besides, it is very safe to swim as there are lifeguards posted near the beach. So, while your child is swimming in the shallow pools, under the close eye of the lifeguards, you can always take a walk or even sit at a café. Shoalstone Beach is located very close to the cottages.

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