How To Choose The Best Camping Lantern For You

Lighting is a very important tool for camping in the woods. When the sun goes down, you’ll need a good source of light for important tasks such as cooking, eating or going to the bathroom. You’ll also need light inside your tent or for nighttime activities like fishing, boating or even just playing cards.

So how can you choose the best lantern for you? Here are some tips and important things to consider:

Choose what type of lantern to purchase

There are 3 main types of camping and outdoor lanterns – gas, candle and electric. Gas lanterns are powered by gas, most commonly butane, propane or liquid fuel. They are known to emit the brightest light among all types, are easy to use and are fuel-efficient. However, gas-powered lanterns are hot to the touch (not safe for kids or pets), heavy, bulky and noisy.

Candle lanterns provide soft, natural lighting which creates a great ambiance at the campsite. They’re great for close-up tasks and are long-lasting. But candle lanterns should be used with caution as they are flammable and hot to the touch.

The last main type is the electric lantern which is favoured by most campers today. There are plenty of options in terms of size, weight and design so you can choose which fits your needs best. They provide a good light output and are safe to use around kids and pets. Most electric lanterns are rechargeable or battery-operated, which means a power source could be a problem especially if you’re camping somewhere with no electricity. Just be sure to bring an extra set of batteries!

Consider the function and usage

To know what type of camping lantern is best for you, think about your camping lifestyle and the outdoor activities that you do. If you hike often or camp with children, an electric lantern is ideal because it’s compact and lightweight. If you often camp alone and need a long-lasting source of light, a candle lantern is a good choice of light to use for personal tasks. If you need to light a large area or campsite or weight is not an issue, go for a gas lantern.

Look into the features

If you’re leaning to buy an electric lantern, purchase one with features that will actually benefit you. Don’t buy a more expensive model with dozens of features that you won’t actually use. Some common useful features of electric lanterns include emergency light options, a hook to hang (on your tent or backpack) and being waterproof.

When buying a source of light for your outdoor trips, choose one that will cater to your own personal camping needs. Follow the abovementioned tips to choose the best camping lantern for you!

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