The IPCC’s Attack On The Airline Industry

It is true that airliners put out heat and do so at altitudes which are very cold to start out, however considering the volume atmosphere up there, even though thinner than at sea level, do 1,000s of airline flights daily at those altitudes contribute enough heat and greenhouse gases to change anything? Probably not, however the IPCC has targeted the airline industry as a big source of greenhouse gas emissions – CO2 to be exact. Yes, when you burn Kerosene – much like diesel fuel you get CO2. And yes, airliners do put out more air-pollution while taxing and waiting to takeoff, but how big a deal is this really?

The IPCC wants to get the Airline Industry to half their CO2 emissions by 2050 from the 2005 levels. This may sound doable, but not considering all the airliner orders that Comac, Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing currently have on backlog. More aircraft even if much more fuel efficient still means a net increase in CO2 emissions. The IPCC assumes that CO2 output from mankind is warming the planet substantially even though in the last 150-years the planet has only warmed.8 degrees, and we’ve even had a lull in temperature increases in the last 18-years, with some scientists predicting a solar minimum period which will cool temps for the next 20-years or more.

How does the IPCC intend to enforce their supposed mandate on future airliner CO2 emissions? Well, one concept the IPCC is floating is that airline flights be charged per ton of CO2 put out on international flights. Although the average international flight estimated at 1-2 tons of CO2, the price per flight (an international tax) would be used to discourage flights and passengers by increasing the price per ticket. Yes, more fuel efficient jet engines would be the result, maybe, or it would just put lots of people out of work with fewer travelers, fewer flights, since there is no near term technological substitute right now for airlines to upgrade to. Think about this economic challenge for the airline industry. Then consider what the IPCC will do to all industries – probably including yours. All for the potential to lessen the 2100 increase in temperature by.3 degrees, which will not stop the planet from warming, or slow it from cooling.

To fully research this issue, please go to the “International Transportation Forum” website and look up COP21 pdf for Airline Travel – also go to the Carbon Independent Website and look up “aviation sources of greenhouse emissions.”

Now then, I have a better idea, all those folks who flew into the IPCC by the 196 countries in attendance – ride their bicycles back or rent a paddle or row boat. Remember there are 50,000 estimated in attendance, not including the protesters also there. You must understand the type of people these events attract. If we did this we could reduce the 166.66666 flights (50,000 divided by average aircraft with 300 passengers). The resulting CO2 output is 179.99 tons. Please tell the hypocrites to get their own rides home without using CO2 emission generating transportation. Think on this.

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